We're proud to work with some amazing companies.

Many of them are so enthusiastic about working with Mill Distributors, they wanted to share their stories.  


"WOW! Talk about service! you guys over there at MILL ROCK!  I put my order in at 9:30 in the morning. Early afternoon, much to my surprise and delight, it was sitting in the back hall!"

Patricia Fritz

Laurel Lake Retirement Commiunity


"We have collected responses from all our Ocean City, Maryland locations and have resoundingly received positive responses to the service and product that Mill Distributors has provided to us this season! Thank you very much!"

Margaret Smith

Executive Assistant, Hotel Division

Harrison Group Hotels & Restaurants


"I wanted to take this time to thank you for doing what you did.  I appreciate what you did for Glen Oak. It is one of the many reasons we continue to do business with you and your fine company. We are proud and pleased to be a partner with Mill Distributors and look forward to a long and continuing relationship."

Marc Raymond, CCM

Glen Oak Country Club


"Every expectation we had in working with Mill was met or exceeded. They are easy to work with, assist in the design, provide superior quality at much lower prices, and meet their deadlines that they have committed to. That is our experience."

Castle in the Sand


"As managers, we like to search out vendors that can cover as many bases as possible making special projects or day to day operations more efficient and our jobs a little easier. It is an added bonus when the one you call comes with the dedication to customer service and product quality we get from Mill Distributors. I'm sure they will tell you it is a collaborative effort but Stu Scott and Dave Smith are the guys who get the job done for me; on time and on budget big or small project-one dozen or a hundred dozen. In this era of multitasking, instant messaging, emailing, etc. It is a pleasure to work with two individuals who espouse the old school principals of a handshake and a promise." 

Jack Schoenbeck